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CBD for Beginners: What It Is, How to Use It, and What to Expect

Posted by Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen, PharmD on 2nd Mar 2020

What is CBD? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is found alongside more than 80 active cannabinoids (chemical compounds) in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is also in industrial hemp. With roots traced back to 2700 B.C., CBD has been used for medicinal and natural remedy purposes for centuries. This is because of how the plant interacts with the endocannabinoid system—a modulatory system that balances the body during stress. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the other primary and most known cannabinoid in cannabis—CBD doesn’t alter your mind or cause a psychoactive reaction. I …

What is Bergamot and What Are the Benefits?

Posted by Danielle Paulo on 24th Feb 2020

What is Bergamot? Anyone who is familiar with Earl Grey tea knows the fragrant, citrusy scent and distinct flavor of bergamot. The most common question we get it, "What is it?" and "What does it do?"  Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit from the tropical, Citrus bergamia plant that is commonly found throughout the Mediterranean. The fruit is the size of an orange and is similar in color to a lime, or even yellowish, depending on the ripeness. Like other citrus fruits, bergamot has a distinctive flavor and smell. It is highly aromatic, and the essential oils …

How to Get a Free Simple Detox

Posted by Dr J on 13th Jan 2020

Hi Dr J Squad,Welcome everyone to 2020 New Year and New You!On behalf of the team at Dr J’s Natural and Dr J, we hope January of 2020 has been a good one, and we hope that you will be blessed with abundant health the entire year! As the old saying goes, “Your first wealth is health.”Learn more about our Simple Detox VIDEO linkI hope you enjoy it. And for those who watch it, I’m going to send a special, BONUS to get my Simple Detox for FREE and you just have to pay the $8.99 SHIPPING.It’s going to be about how when we undertake a physical detox, we often also experience healing emot …