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  • DrJsNatural

    Shoe+ Wipes


    WHAT IT DOES Remover of dirt & grime, this wipe scrubs it all away to keep shoes refreshed. Designed to break down every day shoe buildup no matter the shoe types' material. NO harmful chemicals as we are 100% skin safe. Work on Suede, Leather,...

  • DrJsNatural

    Shoe+ Spray


    WHAT IT DOES Doctor Formula for shoe deodorizers to conquer shoe odor. With 700+ sprays per bottle and a strong concentrated formula, our shoe deodorizer will last 24 hours. Dr. J's Natural shoe odor eliminator uses the best natural ingredients to kick...

  • DrJsNatural

    UltraSoft+ Dry Wipes


    WHAT IT DOES Dry wipes used to wipe away stains and messes everywhere Gentle & soft wipes made for baby’s sensitive skin Use to clean diaper messes, stains & spills & even as a makeup wipe DIY Just add soap, cleaning solution or...

  • DrJsNatural

    Stainless+ Wipes


    WHAT IT DOES Removes dirt, smudges, fingerprints & grime on most stainless steel surfaces Safe for use around kids & safe for cleaning without gloves Moisture-lock canister allows for a wet wipe with every use Store at room temperature. Do not...

  • DrJsNatural

    Glass+ Wipes


    WHAT IT DOES Clean windows, mirrors, glass tables & most other glass surfaces Streak-free formula safe for use around kids & safe to clean without gloves Wipe away smudges, fingerprints, stains & more in your home, car or...

  • DrJsNatural

    Tough+ Wipes


    WHAT IT DOES Tough on grease, grime, dirt, oil, paint & more Hand-safe & food-safe Moisture-lock lid ensures a wet wipe with every use HOW TO USE Use on most surfaces in your home, car or workplace Read the full product label for more...