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  • DrJsNatural

    Basic Blood Gluco


    WHAT IT DOES Helps support healthy endocrine system & kidney function Provides key nutrients for regulating & maintaining good blood sugar levels Alpha lipoic acid (ALA): supports insulin regulation, glucose utilization, and cellular...

  • DrJsNatural

    Simple Green Smoothie


    WHAT IT DOES Over 200 fruits & vegetables packed into this daily superfood powder No blending necessary: mix with water or any fruit juice of your choice Taste so good that you will hook onto this daily dose of SIMPLE GREEN SMOOTHIE Your daily...

  • DrJsNatural

    Super Essential Vitamin


    WHAT IT DOES Helps support children’s overall health & boost immunity Contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs Great-tasting, lemon-flavored multivitamin formulated for growing bodies HOW TO TAKE Chew 2-4 tablets per...