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Nutraceutical Q&A with Dr. Johnson & Dr. J

Posted by Abbi Swanson on 5th Nov 2021

Nutraceutical Q&A with Dr. Johnson & Dr. J     While pharmaceuticals are well defined and widely used in today’s health & wellness industry, trends have shifted in favor of a more natural, organic approach to a healthier lifestyle ‒ and with this shift in mindset, nutraceuticals jump into the spotlight. To better understand the world of nutraceuticals, we sat down with Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Lanny Johnson, and Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen (Dr. J), to answer your questions about all things nutraceutical! Q: As an orthopedic surgeon and a cl …

Anti-Oxidants and Health

Posted by Abbi Swanson on 26th Aug 2021

WHAT CAN ANTIOXIDANTS DO FOR MY HEALTH? Antioxidants are the basis of all health. They are in many of the colorful fruits and vegetables that we eat everyday without realizing it. But it is important to know what antioxidants do, why they are so important to our overall health and where we can consume antioxidants in the most natural way   THE "FREE-RADICAL SCAVENGERS" Mostly caused by outside effects of the environment, oxidation in the body is responsible for the damage of cells and other structures, these are known as free radicals. While the body can manage a few free ra …