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  • DrJsNatural

    Fit Collagen Essentials


    FIT COLLAGEN ESSENTIALS : Digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits.QUICK DISSOLVING & EASY TO USE: Soluble in hot or cold liquids, including coffee, smoothies, and tea. Contains 8 OZ (228g) collagen powder *Results /...

  • DrJsNatural

    Fit Femanin


    FIT FEMANIN  with Chasteberry, is a supplement for women that may promote a healthy mind and body throughout the menstrual cycle and during the transition into menopause. Also with extract of licorice and peony Contains 60 capsules *Results /...

  • DrJsNatural

    Fit Menopause Support


    FIT MENOPAUSE SUPPORT. Containing Dong Quai to complete this women's health support formula. With licorice root, dong quai and black cohosh. Contains 60 capsules *Results / benefits may vary person to person, no guarantee of results**Results /...