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Essential Liver Health

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  • Promote healthy liver detoxification & support immune system
  • Formulated with milk thistle to help support gallbladder & liver function
  • Contains antioxidants to help flush out toxins from the body


  • Take 2 softgels at bedtime, preferably with food. Do not take this supplement within an hour of taking medications. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Contains 60 softgels

Vitamin C, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Beet Leaf Powder, Black Radish Fruit, Bladderwrack Leaves Powder, Raspberry Leaves Powder, Pancreatin 4:1 Powder, Cleavers Leaf Powder, L-Glutathione, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Bupleurum Chinese Root, Grape Seed Extract, Dandelion, L-Carnitine base, Skullcap Leaves, Pueraria, Schizandra fruit, Barberry Root Powder, Turmeric Root Extract, L-Methionine
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Phosphatidylcholine Soy Lecithin, Bee’s Wax, Soybean Oil, Purified Water

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