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Diamond Collection



Take charge of your beauty routine and give your skin everything it needs with GX-Life Radiance Diamond Collection with this 5 piece skincare kit. This best-selling formula is designed to help minimize signs of aging and help recover your skin’s natural and youthful glow. This simple and carefully formulated skincare routine is an all-in-one plan to revive and recharge your radiant complexion.

Skincare Kit includes:

Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser, Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate, Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator, Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream & Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream

Key Ingredients in GX-Life Radiance Skincare:

Fruit Enzymes - effectively cleanse the skin and remove impurities for a radiant and renewed complexion

Maracuja Oil from Passionflower - diminish under eye circles with rich hydration power to fight dryness and enhance overall moisture around the eyes

Diamond Powder - clear & sparkling complexion

Kakadu Plum - fade away dark spots and discolorations and fade hyperpigmentation in the skin

Hyaluronic Acid - this “fountain of youth” ingredient helps hydrate and plump the skin to look and feel it’s best

Peptides & Ceramides - fight wrinkles and correct aging skin to enhance skin elasticity 

Bio-Active Algae - boost moisture while sleeping and calm skin while hydrating for the feel of rejuvenation


  1. Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser: Dampen skin and apply generously to cleanse the face morning and night. Massage into a light lather and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry.
  2. Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate:> Apply 1-2 pumps morning and night on clean skin. Massage until fully absorbed.
  3. Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator: Apply generously twice daily to dark spots, scars, and skin discoloration on the face. Massage until fully absorbed.
  4. Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream: Use morning and evening. Apply sparingly above the orbital bone, around and under the delicate eye area. Lightly pat under eyes to diffuse dark circles. It is best to apply with the ZOE device for better absorption and penetration.
  5. Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream: Apply a small amount nightly on clean skin. Massage until the cream is fully absorbed. For best results, apply a moisturizer with the ZOE device.

Protocatechuic Acid (PCA) is a natural ingredient found everywhere in nature and even in our everyday diet. Its unique formula has also shown in the medical literature to be an excellent source for 5 potential health benefits:


Medical researcher and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lanny Johnson, has spent over 15 years dedicated to the credible, evidence-based research conducted to test the effectiveness of PCA against a series of bacteria and viruses. The studies have been in the laboratory and one such on human skin. PCA’s unique physical structure and medically researched antimicrobial properties have the potential for limiting the exposure to bacteria and viruses, including the virus causing COVID-19. As a result, 18 US patents were granted to Dr. Lanny Johnson which include those related to the antimicrobial properties of PCA.

18 US Patents for PCA - click here

Two independent contract laboratories conducted research at the Illinois Institute of Technology and MRI Global, Inc. The in vitro results showed that a residual coating of PCA crystals on metal, plastic and N95 mask material inactivated SARS CoV-2 virus on contact. Both of these studies resulted in greater than 90% inactivation of SARS CoV2 (COVID-19) while providing immediate inhibition of the virus and a continued residual shield for up to 24 hours.

Scientific Study Results - click here



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