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About Us



Welcome to our SQUAD. Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen has over 21 years experience as a clinical compounding pharmacist and she is our main formulator that develops our products. We believe in a holistic approach to health: to nourish the body with vital nutrients and supplements the all-natural way. That’s how we’ve perfected, alongside Dr. J and a team of renowned scientists, a line of supplements and skincare that make you feel good inside and out. Our CBD collection is clinically proven to reduce pain, anxiety, and over 200 other medical problems. Used in unison with our CBD products, our Simple and Essential supplement collections promote wellness, health, and active living. Many late-stage cancer patients look to Dr. J’s Natural supplements and cold pressed juices for to help fight cancer the all natural way. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements, skincare, and beauty products to our community. Together, we will do good and feel good.


Dr J’s Natural is a nutraceutical company that focuses on health from the inside out. We get our products from the Earth and deliver them to you in their truest, most beneficial form. We believe in holistic health, that an alkaline, plant-based diet has the capability to revive the body to optimal health and even help in the combat of cancer. Our supplements and CBD products are used in unison with this lifestyle to provide optimal health and wellness


GX-Life Radiance is a skincare and skin health brand that uses plant-based ingredients to bring life and radiance to your skin. The main goal of our GX-Life Radiance Skincare is to lighten, brighten, and tighten for a youthful glow.


What is Zoe? Zoe by QykSonic is an advanced skincare devices that will give anyone radiant skin in three days. Zoe is made from medical grade silicone, patented shape, to clean, massage, and better absorption of serum and skincare


Apart from our most popular product launch of wellness vitamins, Dr J's has also launched a CBD-oriented range which provides customers with high-quality full-spectrum, THC-free CBD extract from medicinal hemp. We are one of the first companies to integrate CBD in commercial use for wellness and healing. We have CBD products in gummies, soft gels, and tinctures so that the revitalizing effects of CBD are accessible for everybody. We believe that CBD can reduce stress, anxiety, pain and many more.


Win Win CBD Juice Bar makes fresh, cold-pressed juices to help cancer patients and customers get their daily nutrients. We offer 2 delicious juices: Red Juice is made from beets, apples, cucumber, red bell pepper and carrots. Our popular Green Juice is made from kale, chard, dandelion, romaine lettuce, cucumber, green bell-pepper, carrots and apple.