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  • DrJsNatural

    Simple Cleanse


    WHAT IT DOES Formulated to help with acute or chronic constipation and bloating Powerful cleansing formula to flush out build up in your gut, kidney and liver Support a regular digestive system Helps absorb nutrients better Increase energy and improves...

  • DrJsNatural

    Simple Detox


    WHAT IT DOES Detoxifying formula to reduce bloating and body fat Powerful detoxing formula for the liver, kidneys & colon to flush out toxins and unwanted build up Improve nutrient absorption Flush out toxins in the body within 3 days Increase...

  • DrJsNatural

    Simple Fat Burner


    Help Burn fat and maintain healthy weight with garcinia cambogia ingredients in Dr. J’s Natural Simple Fat Burner! Recommended to supplement your weight loss program, together with a sensible diet and exercise program. Use as part of a...

  • DrJsNatural

    Simple Slim


    Improve energy, mood, focus and metabolism burning with Dr. J’s Natural Simple Slim supplement! Simple Slim is formulated with minerals and extracts and the Holy Grail of diet fruit, Garcinia cambogia along with green tea leaf extract, work...