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Healthy Foods to Eat During the Holidays

Posted by Crissalyn on 24th Aug 2020


Everybody’s laughing around the dinner table, screaming with their mouths full of food, drinking a little bit more than they should. It is so easy to overeat at a holiday party and feel so guilty about the mindless munching after you’re all done. I’m here to tell you about the healthy foods at your dinner table this holiday season, so you can enjoy and not feel guilty the next morning.

Eat the salad, damn it! Every time I host a dinner party, the salad is always neglected. It’s there for a reason, it’s a start to a meal, a fresh way to get your palette prepared for the rest of the night. Just make sure to avoid the heavy-handed ranch or thousand island dressing.Everything else should just be eaten in moderation! When you get your food, divide your plate to support the food groups and their proportions. Almost half of your plate should be filled with vegetables, whether they be roasted, fried, and sautéed. A little more than a quarter of your plate can be dedicated to proteins, whether they be meat or a meat substitute like tofu or beans. The remaining quarter of your plate can be for your carbs, like mashed potatoes!

Now, its the holidays, you should be able to reward yourself with a drink. Or five! Avoid beers and other carbonated drinks so that you don’t feel too bloated. Otherwise, as long as your drinking equal amounts of water as you’re drinking alcohol, you”ll have a great time!

You’re allowed to have a cheat day, especially when you’re having such a good time with your friends and family. This shouldn’t mean, however, that you should feel guilty about enjoying yourself. As long as you’re being mindful of your food choices, you’ll be able to enjoy every holiday dinner, and even some leftovers.

Happy Holidays from our Dr. J’s Natural Family to yours!