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CoronaVirus : Home Made Sanitizer

Posted by Dr. J's Natural on 6th Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Home Made Hand Sanitizer

About this DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

This recipe from our very own Dr.J combines three simple ingredients to help keep hands germ-free.

First, Aloe vera juice makes up most of this recipe. You’re likely familiar with aloe vera as a solution to soothing sunburns. That’s because research shows it can help skin retain moisture, reduce inflammation in the skin, and even help heal skin wounds. For this recipe, look for an aloe vera juice that uses minimal ingredients and is free from any artificial coloring to keep things natural.

Then, we include the active ingredient of simple rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol – 70%. We recommend checking the label to ensure it has minimal ingredients and does not include any artificial scents. Instead, we recommend adding your own natural scent with Rose oil essential oil.

Rose oil is known for its antimicrobial and anti-septic properties. While clinical evidence is still lacking in proving its efficacy against illness, it doesn’t hurt to add as a refreshing natural fragrance. 

How To Make Hand Sanitizer at home

To make a hand sanitizer watch our video above and at home, follow this simple recipe:


  • Aloe vera juice
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (70%)
  • Rose Oil essential oil (optional)


  • 2 oz reusable spritz bottle


  • Combine the aloe vera juice, rubbing alcohol, and essential oil in a small bowl and mix well.
  • Pour into a reusable spritz bottle. Carry with you to use as often as you like.

Sanitizer on Your Skin

One final thing that may deter people from using sanitizer is the concern that the constant application will cause dry or irritated sore skin.

In fact, yet another benefit of hand sanitizer is that it can actually be gentler on sensitive skin than washing your hands with soap and water just as many times throughout the day. While most soaps focus on stripping skin and also require the friction of washing and drying, hand sanitizers often include moisturizing ingredients and dry quickly on their own without the use of harsh towels.

That said, the most effective solutions are still alcohol-based, which can be drying. While the moisturizing ingredient of aloe vera juice should help keep your skin in balance, if you do experience dryness or irritation, simply follow up each application with your favorite hand lotion.